1.5" scale Pacific for sale. Based on Little Engines gray iron and bronze castings.
Only the domes are aluminum.

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This photo was taken long before all the gingerbread was added so you can see her in the more or less unassembled state.

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2401 has been out of service in storage for over 12 years. She still runs on air but the boiler has been removed to facilitate repairs that I just don't get around too. While I did the final assembly and detail work, the engine and boiler were built by the late Floyd Epperson best know for his beautiful Big Boy that operated at Medford Live Steamers and Train Mountain.

The Boiler was a very free steaming experiment by Floyd, incorporating 1/4 inch Shelby seamless tube for the boiler shell and thin wall 1/2 inch Shelby tubing for the fire tubes. She steamed very successfully for 18 years. The flue sheets were cut out with the old tube nest of 62 fire tubes after five of them had been plugged off for leaks. The tube failure was caused by cold water being injected into the boiler using the axle pump. This caused stress fractures in five of the tubes directly inline with the check valve. Over the years this would have caused further failures. 3/8" steel plates have been rough cut to replace the flue sheets.

The decision to use expanded type K or M copper flues following the original Little Engines plans or use black iron pipe has been debated. That is where the project stands. I have stockpiled a number of high end Super Scale parts and other updated appliances for the locomotive in anticipation of the rebuild. The tender should be cleaned and resealed and the new Tom Bee Andrews trucks fitted. The tender is detailed with walkways, tool boxes and appliances not shown in the upper photo. Assembled and running this locomotive could be worth $25,000.00.

I have no ambition to see the job done and therefore offer to negotiate a sale as is, with all appliances, reference materials and the builders cart to an individual who would like to give 2401 a good home.

Price reduced to $15,000.00

If you are remotely interested, please give me a call.
Patrick J. Durand Wasilla, Alaska - phone (907)350-4340